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  Welcome Rebel's Domain Publishing's home page.  It was our goal to support authors that are pushing the edges of entertainment and education to create powerful and dynamic stories.  When we were founded in 2005 by Thomas Tamez, we believed that there were too many independent authors that did not have an opportunity to share their work. The world of On-Demand printing was just catching on and it was our goal to give the Rebel author a home. 


  It was at this time that we signed our first author Kevin McDonald.  We were excited to have published his first novel, Practically Invisible, an adult book about the challenges faced by runaway and throwaway children. In 2008 we were thrilled to sign with author Terry Trupp, a prolific writer of fiction and very edgy and entertaining material.


Unfortunately, because of the current economic conditions, massive competitive advantages held by others in our space and significant loss incurred due to the sudden passing of Terry, we have thrown up the white flag. Through a settlement with Author Kevin McDonald, we have transferred all controlling interest in Rebel’s Domain to him. He has expressed a desire to continue with our original mission (including the potential of finishing and publishing Terry’s works) in the future but for the time being, Rebel’s Domain will not be accepting any new authors until at least 2012.

Rebel's Domain has now released the new Teen Version of Kevin McDonald's Practically Invisible. You can obtain a copy here: 

We hope that you will continue support him and the causes that he is so dedicated to and passionate about. 

I hope you understand and will never give up on your quest to write great works-of-art and push the envelope. 

My Sincerest Regards and Regrets,

Rebel's Founder
Thomas Tamez

If you have any questions about this decision, you can write to me at tomtamez (at)

For Author Kevin B. McDonald, please go to


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